Do you have a difficult task ahead of you that needs a quick resolution? Your search for a problem solver who loves a good challenge ends here.

I'm Frieda Wiley, a freelance medical writer and consultant pharmacist based in the Greater Houston area. I have a passion for connecting with people through the power of words. Whether it be converting a wealth of complex information into the language that best resonates with your clientéle or developing content that engages and informs readers, I can help. 

I bring to the table experiences from the pharmaceutical industry, consulting environments, and community practice that empower me with a keen insight, technical prowess, and wealth of knowledge on which physicians, pharmacists, nurses, other healthcare providers, and patient can rely.

Do you need help crafting a patient information sheet or consumer article? Are you seeking a sponsor for continuing medical education but are short of a compelling needs assessment? Are you building a website but need help drafting quality copy? What about your content marketing needs? Are you short-handed on captivating brochures or white papers that could really close the deal? 

I am your go-to writer to produce this content and a lot more.

I take pride in my services and always strive to provide my clients with quality copy that always engages the end-user — whether it be the patient, the consumer, the scientist, or the high-powered medical professional. Click on the headers above to learn more about me and what I can do for you.