I've always been a writer by heart. How I became a professional writer is an interesting story with some twists and turns. 

Given my background, some people may be surprised to discover that I'm a writer. After all, I am a licensed, clinical pharmacist with expertise in telemedicine who also happens to be board-certified in geriatrics. I also hold bachelors degrees in biochemistry and Spanish from the University of Texas at Austin. Before I earned my doctorate in pharmacy, I worked as a chemist for a large, privately-held aerospace company that specialized in the overhaul and repair of turbine jet engines. 

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No matter how different or diverse the setting, I took advantage of opportunities to write whenever they presented themselves personally, academically, or professionally. I won my first writing award at the local county fair in the 1st grade and published a poem in the 5th grade. I later dabbled in some technical writing as a chemist, but the projects I worked on as a pharmacist were what truly helped me to recognize my passion. While providing patient care and consulting, I developed marketing materials, patient information handouts, and produced slide decks.  I discovered that I loved having the opportunity to use my expertise to educate and empower other people of all backgrounds.  

That said, I guess you could say that I've mastered the fine art of tailoring language to the appropriate audience. I'd like to think that I'm able to connect with just about anyone.

I enjoy writing for scientists, physicians, pharmacists, other clinicians, and the everyday consumer. You'll see the evidence by the fact that I've developed content for all of these audiences. I love the excitement of using different styles of writing and media to communicate with people.

I love what I do, and I'm always open to forging new relationships and taking on new projects.